An interview with a 9 year old boy named John


JH – What do you do for fun?
John – video games, I guess.
JH – together or with other people?
John – either way.
JH – why do you like video games so much?
John – it’s the closest way for me to do all the things that I’m not old enough to do yet.
JH – like what?
John – dirt biking and skateboarding
JH – what do you want to do when you are older?
John – either the military or a builder
JH – what do you want to do in the military?
John – I think I’ll be a sniper because it’s the safest job.
JH – does this mean you want to kill people?
John – not necessarily
JH – please explain
John – it’s more like defending my country
JH – from what?
John – for freedom…and from being enslaved by other countries
JH – oy yoy yoy…well, enough of that. What do you think about art?
John – I think art comes out of your soul.
JH – Do you know anything about sweden?
John – no. OH! I think they speak swedish there!
JH – Do you know where sweden is?
John – isn’t it somewhere in europe?
JH – do you want to visit someday?
John – maybe…probably not

*we enter John’s bedroom*

JH – Holy cow! this place is trashed!
John – you know, there was a dragonfly trapped in here for days
JH – where did it go?
John – I don’t know…maybe it’s under a pile
JH – How did it get so messy in here?
John – well, it all started with me trying to clean up my room and then it just ended up like this…it happens all the time.
JH – I see you have a picture of jesus next to your bed. Are you religious?
John – yes
JH – can you explain what you believe?
John – it’s very complicated
JH – why? what’s so complicated?
John – asking me that makes it even more complicated
JH – I think you’re avoiding my question
John – no I’m not
JH – are you catholic?
John – yeah…but it’s really complicated