Snuggies and gluttony

The rain just poured down all day. It was probably for the best because it gave me time to recharge my batteries and hang out with my friend Jen and her two kids. I already introduced...LÄS MER

"I used to walk in the shade, with my blues on parade..."

Thousands of people flocked downtown yesterday to witness the most media-hyped ArtPrize event thus far. Local event organizer/artist, Rob Bliss, launched over 100,000 multi-colored paper airplanes from the rooftops of several tall buildings with the intention...LÄS MER


Lämnade hela gänget i Grand Rapids för fyra dar sedan. Keith körde mej tillbaka till Midway, flygplatsen i Chicago. Redan när vi skiljdes åt utanför kände jag att min förkylning eller influensa höll på att förvärras...LÄS MER

A day at the zoo

This morning I'm already on my way to the next baby-caper. Below are a bunch of pics from yesterdays events.

Under the Bridge

Lastnight we took some babies downtown for a photo-shoot. We ended up spending most of our time under a bridge with no lighting at all. We ended up with some really wonderful photographs. We quickly became...LÄS MER

An interview with a 9 year old boy named John

JH - What do you do for fun? John - video games, I guess. JH - together or with other people? John - either way. JH - why do you like video games so much? John...LÄS MER

Speaking of art-whores...

Did I forget to mention our fantastic t-shirts and informative booklets? Ha ha ha Help this expat get home!


I went down to the B.O.B. (a huge nightclub) lastnight with the intention of talking with people and checking out lots of art - but it didn't turn out quite like I expected. As soon as I...LÄS MER

Lusty slop pics for your sad-hole & the babies go to court!

Hello all…Jonathan checking in again. I see that Teresa has been keeping everyone up to date on all the progress since the 15th. Now that I’m a bit more rested and my hands are less swollen...LÄS MER

En födelsedag

Idag är det den 22dra september, dagen innan ArtPrize öppnar och Jonathans fyrtioårsdag. Vi vaknar tidigt och går ner till Kava House för att kunna jobba utan att väcka hela huset. Vi behöver svara på mail...LÄS MER